What people drank at Meredith

It’s the question on everybody’s lips – with the wide range of cans on offer, what did people drink at Meredith Music Festival?

Froth writer Will Ziebell headed to the Victorian music festival to find out what tinnies people were drinking and why.  While mainstream regular lagers certainly made a strong appearance, plenty of festival goers had filled their Eskies up with craftier options.

Here are the questions we posed: 1. What are you drinking? 2. Why are you drinking it?


  1. Sample ¾ IPA
  2. Well it’s delicious. Also, I’m really not into the mainstream breweries. I’m not really into anything mainstream for that matter…


  1. Anderson Valley Briney Melon Gose
  2. I find that a slightly salty and sour beer is perfect for a hangover. This is like drinking a beer Bloody Mary


  1. Moon Dog Beer Can
  2. Why not? There is so much choice when it comes to beer so I like to buy a bit of variety to enjoy over the festival weekend.


  1. Adnams Ghost Ship Pale Ale
  2. Well my parents are English and my dad was born about 20km from the brewery so I know the brand. I always see it in Dan Murphy’s and think it is a great value English pale.


  1. Mountain Goat Summer Ale.
  2. I’m pretty over drinking MB and VB at these festivals so I was keen to get something a bit nicer. I love how light and refreshing this one is.


  1. Melbourne Bitter
  2. I just love the old-school look of the cans and enjoy the taste. It’s simple as that!


  1. Rivet Lager
  2. A friend just handed this to me on the dance floor. It tastes metallic and I’m glad I won’t be drinking more than one.


  1. XXXX Gold
  2. Well it’s a mid-strength beer and I find I can’t really be trusted to drink full-strength beer all day.


Thanks to everyone for sharing your beer music festival stories with us!