Shiny happy people holding plants: Stomping Ground Brewery hosts plant sale

The awesome dinosaur plant holders on sale at the plant market. Pics: Timothy Stevens
Collingwood’s newest brewery Stomping Ground is set to open its doors ANY DAY NOW, so Froth took a sneak peek at the recent Pots and Plants show held there.

Words and pictures by Timothy Stevens

While plants and beer aren’t a common combination – except for those times when you get a little loose and spew in a pot plant – this event saw the soon-to-be-opened brewery overflowing with beer and plant lovers alike.

As it was organised by marketing company Yelp, guests were encouraged upon arrival to check into the Yelp app to get a VIP pass and a token which entitled them to a free beer and/or turmeric latte (we went with the beer). The freebie beer selection was a choice of either a lager or pale ale, but there was a bunch of other stuff on tap you could also buy.


Yelp community manager Jackie Doran came up with the idea after attending the Stomping Ground launch party during Good Beer Week and thought that it would be a great place for a plant sale. She put the event together for the storeholders to sell their wares and also as opportunity for punters to check out Stomping Ground.

“We definitely wanted to do a plant sale because plant sales are so popular at the moment – everyone wants a plant for some reason – and what better combo than plants and some beer,” Jackie said.

For sale was a good selection of herbs, cacti, healthy plant-based drinks (for designated drivers, I assume) and some amazing plastic dinosaurs which were turned into plant holders.

I asked the storeholder, Elisabeth Griffiths ,where this rrrrrraaar… I mean rare idea came from and she simply said, “I love plants and I love dinosaurs.”

Logic that can’t be argued with.

Pots and Plants also featured workshops for plant enthusiasts, great coffee, great food and a total of 10 delicious beers on tap.

Stomping Ground venue manager Matthew Marinich said he was impressed with the crowd. “Everyone’s been really cool, the number of plants that are here I reckon they’re going to sell out if everyone bought one plant. Everyone’s having some fun so it’s good.”

If you are into apps, check out the Yelp app for other beer-related events in your area.

Keep an eye out on the Stomping Ground website and Facebook page to see when they are going to open! (Probs next week)

Stomping Ground Brewery
100 Gipps St, Collingwood


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