Sparking change one beer at a time

A new female-led craft brewery group is starting conversations with an exciting new idea.

Beer is often a great conversation starter. “What are you drinking?” and “Is it yummy?” is how I start most conversations down at the pub. But a new female-led craft brewery group is taking this a few thousand steps further with a mind-bogglingly exciting new idea.

Sparkke Change Brewing Company, based in Adelaide and composed of a small team of talented women including Young Henry’s brewer Agi Gajic, has created a range of beers, alcoholic lemonade, apple cider and ginger beer in cans featuring provocative statements.

And we don’t mean Wicked Camper “provocative”. We mean messages that are thought-provoking, challenging, uncomfortable  – and, given the current f*cked-up political landscape, timely – tackling issues such as gender equality, sexual consent, asylum seekers and Australia Day.

The tinies feature messages such as  ‘Consent can’t come after you do’ (Actually why is that provocative. Jesus.), ‘Nipples are nipples’, ‘Boundless plains to share’, and ‘Change the Date’ – referring to the growing movement calling to change the date of Australia Day to one that doesn’t mark the beginning of the mass slaughter and dispossession of Indigenous Australians – so every Australian can celebrate.

They’ve launched a Possible campaign with the ambitious target of selling 10,000 cases of these tinnies before the deadline tomorrow (December 21). They’ve so far reached $85,000 of their $100,000 goal, and just need a cheeky push in the remaining 30 hours to get them over the line.

Others involved in the project include independent media organisation New Matilda, with editor Chris Graham describing himself as “a token male” in the group. He says that in addition to their first four beer can campaigns, Sparkke has whole raft of other social issues they plan to put in the spotlight including marriage equality, men’s health and the Frontier Wars.

Each campaign will see the group partnering with various charities and organisations to address the issues involved. For those concerned about the promotion of booze, Graham says they are producing mid-strength products to promote responsible drinking.

With the festive season upon us, Graham recommends buying the beers “as a Christmas gift to family members and friends who like a tipple, but maybe don’t spend a lot of time thinking about important social issues.”

New Matilda subscribers can also snap up a special one-off can paying tribute to the world’s newest, shiniest world leader. Called ‘C U Next Tuesday Mr Trump’, it’s a reference to the US election, as US elections always occur on a Tuesday. And possibly other things as well.

Check out Sparkke Change Brewing Company’s Possible campaign here